HCPC Meeting Minutes


Holy Cross Mission: 

We are a community of Catholics who draw our strength from the celebration of the Eucharist, so that Christ may live in us and we may express the family values He taught by our loving service to family, neighbor, and society. 

Holy Cross Vision: 

Holy Cross Church is a welcoming, inviting, vibrant parish that honors God by demonstrating our faith to our community. 


Mark Bentz, Ryan Boyle, Helen Dunham (trustee), Brook Gleasman, Tom Griffith (trustee), Lola Gualtieri, Fr. John Kurgan, William Leiker, Karen Markoff, Tony Ortega (chairman), Kira Reed, Ann Wright 


Kenneth Kirkman, Claude Pilon (trustee), Fr. Matthew Rawson, Carl Thomas 

Opening Prayer 

The opening prayer was led by Tony Ortega. 


Introduction of New Members 

Mark Bentz, Ryan Boyle, Lola Gualtieri, and Karen Markoff introduced themselves to the other members of the Council, having been elected or appointed to three-year terms. Kenneth Kirkman and Carl Thomas are also new members but did not attend the meeting. 


Minutes of February 24, 2019 Meeting 

Tom Griffith recommended that the wording of his thoughts regarding the parish’s financial status should be modified slightly. The Council recommended that an additional paragraph be added about its discussion on St. Mary’s. 

Ann Wright moved, and Karen Markoff seconded the approval of these modifications. 

Motion carried (8-0-0). 


Election of New Officers 

As outgoing chairman of the Council, Tony Ortega recommended the following appointments: 

Name Position Effective 

Brook Gleasman Chairman 04/28/19 

Kira Reed Vice-Chairwoman 04/28/19 

William Leiker Secretary 04/28/19 

Ann Wright moved, and William Leiker seconded the approval of these appointments. 

Motion carried (8-0-0). 


Mission, Vision, and Purpose of Pastoral Council 

The Council discussed its role in the governance of the parish. Tony described the Council’s duties over the prior five years. The former Council had revitalized Holy Cross’s mission and vision. It implemented a survey to determine the parish’s greatest strengths and greatest needs, as well as the desired qualities in a new pastor. The Council also drafted a strategic vision for the parish, where it created three major goals, to define the roles and the scope of the Council, to define communication strategies, and to develop partnerships through collaborative efforts. However, with Fr. Yeazel’s retirement the Council shifted its focus to the transition. 

Ryan asked about the naming change from Parish Council to Pastoral Council. Tony said that the term “parish council” was an inaccurate description and many parishioners believed that the purpose of the Council was to advise the parish on issues, as opposed to assist the pastor. Although the Council represents all areas of the parish, its focus is on the needs of the pastor. 

Fr. Kurgan said that one of the problems with Holy Cross Parish’s efforts to collaborate with other parishes is that the other parishes are concerned that Holy Cross’s size and relative wealth compared to them may result in Holy Cross absorbing their parishioners. One of the errors that the diocese made was assuming that Holy Cross would remain entirely independent with its programs, this damaged its reputation among some other parishes. 


School Updates 

Fr. Kurgan said that the school’s budget was nearing completion. Fr. Kurgan recommended that the school reduce its budget slightly before asking for additional contributions because if the school can show it is working to balance its budget, people will be more receptive to contributing more. Fr. Kurgan also wants more money from fundraisers to go towards the operating budget. 


Church Updates 

Tom said that the church needs to shift away from relying solely on its investment income and that the investments are not currently being treated as long-term. A few large expenses forced the 

parish to withdraw some of its assets. However, the Council determined that despite these challenges, it is currently in a better financial position than many surrounding parishes. 

The Council then discussed what it should do to help balance the budget. Ryan asked if the Council should be taking a larger role in balancing the budget. Tom said that the Council should work on getting the parish to increase its donations. Karen said that the Council should notify the public about the budget deficit and how much of an increased offering the parish would need. Fr. Kurgan said that another Increased Offering Campaign may be needed. 

Tony recommended focusing on increasing participation as opposed to expecting less people to contribute more. Karen suggested setting up a children’s performance at mass to increase family participation. She also said that the Council should try to encourage alumni that attend Holy Cross School or have obtained a scholarship from the parish to give back to the parish whenever possible. 


Trustee Updates 

Tom said that there were not currently any notable trustee updates beyond the scope of what had been discussed. 


Upcoming Meetings 

The Pastoral Council set its next meeting date to April 28, 2019. The Council agreed that it wanted to start setting consistent meeting dates to the last Sunday of each month. Ann Wright mentioned that she may recover the parish bylaws in the future so that the Council can review them. The Council also wants to begin publicizing meeting minutes and take a group picture. 


Closing Prayer 

The closing prayer was led by Brook Gleasman