HCPC Minutes


Holy Cross Mission: 

We are a community of Catholics who draw our strength from the celebration of the Eucharist, so that Christ may live in us and we may express the family values He taught by our loving service to family, neighbor, and society. 

Holy Cross Vision: 

Holy Cross Church is a welcoming, inviting, vibrant parish that honors God by demonstrating our faith to our community. 


Mark Bentz, Helen Dunham (trustee), Brook Gleasman (chairman), Thomas Griffith (trustee), Lola Gualtieri, Ann Wright, Kenneth Kirkman, Fr. John Kurgan, William Leiker, Karen Markoff, Tony Ortega, Kira Reed 


Ryan Boyle, Claude Pilon (trustee), Fr. Matthew Rawson, Carl Thomas 

Opening Prayer 

The opening prayer was led by Brook Gleasman. 


Introduction of New Members 

Kenneth Kirkman introduced himself to the other members of the Council, having been elected to a three-year term. Carl Thomas is also a new member but did not attend the meeting. 


Minutes of February 24, 2019 Meeting 

The Council unanimously agreed to accept the modified minutes without a vote. 

Minutes of March 31, 2019 Meeting 

Thomas Griffith moved, and Kira Reed seconded the approval of the minutes. 

Motion carried (9-0-0). 


Vision and Plan for the Parish 

Fr. Kurgan discussed his thoughts on the role of the parish. Brook wanted to create a five-year plan, including a set of goals, such as how much parish membership should increase by within the timeframe. Fr. Kurgan said that some elements of the plan were highly dependent on outside factors, such as the incoming appointment of a new bishop upon the retirement of Bishop Cunningham. However, the Council did agree that it could create financial and budgetary plans for the future. 

Fr. Kurgan also wants to communicate with the school more to ensure both entities have the same agenda and plan. Fr. Kurgan wants the main focus of the Council to be on evangelization of new members. The Council decided that it could primarily focus on school alumni as well as churchgoers that attend mass on holidays but not weekly. The Council also stressed that these goals were exclusively long-term ones. 


Role of the Holy Cross Pastoral Council 

Fr. Kurgan and Brook created a list of ten main priorities that the Council should focus on. The most important ones were to ensure that the Council is adequately representing the congregation and serving as a voice for the pastor. Karen recommended that the Council should determine one guiding principle that it bases its decisions upon, and it should be transparent about that vision with the congregation. The Council also wants to assist with the needs of the Diocese of Syracuse whenever possible. 


Schedule of Meetings, Speakers, and Topics 

Brook created a list of potential guest speakers and wants to have one or two of them speak for approximately fifteen minutes at every Pastoral Council meeting. The speakers would generally be parish employees, and their goal would be to inform the Council on their programs and wherever they may need assistance for future success. As of the April meeting, six speakers have been scheduled for the following five meetings. 


Focus Committees 

Brook also recommended the creation of certain committees on the Council, to work more closely on specific issues. The Council agreed that each committee should have 3-5 members on it. Bill recommended the creation of a Finance Committee. Some members of the Council recommended creating a Communication Committee to work with Dan Littlepage to increase its transparency with the parish. 

The Council unanimously agreed to form the Communication Committee without a vote. 

Holy Cross Pastoral Council Communication Committee: 

Name, Position, Effective 

Brook Gleasman, Ex-Officio Member, 04/28/19 

Thomas Griffith, Member, 04/28/19 

Lola Gualtieri, Member, 04/28/19 

William Leiker, Member, 04/28/19 

Dan Littlepage, Member, 04/28/19 


School Updates 

The school’s budget for the 2019-2020 school year has been approved. No programs were cut. 


Trustee Updates 

Tom said the parish’s budget was nearing completion and should be finished by the following meeting. 


Upcoming Meetings 

The Pastoral Council set its next meeting date to May 19, 2019. Brook Gleasman prepared a preliminary schedule of meetings for the remainder of 2019. For the following meeting, the Council invited Steve Nepil, head of the Youth Ministry at Holy Cross, to speak. The Council also wants to re-examine the parish’s mission and vision statement. 


Closing Prayer 

The closing prayer was led by Brook Gleasman. 

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