HCPC Minutes


Holy Cross Mission: 

We are a community of Catholics who draw our strength from the celebration of the Eucharist, so that Christ may live in us and we may express the family values He taught by our loving service to family, neighbors, and society. 

Holy Cross Vision: 

Holy Cross Church is a welcoming, inviting, vibrant parish that honors God by demonstrating our faith to our community. 


Mark Bentz, Cookie Dunham (trustee), Brook Gleasman (chairman), Thomas Griffith (trustee), Lola Gualtieri, Kenneth Kirkman, William Leiker (secretary), Karen Markoff, Claude Pilon (trustee), Kira Reed (vice-chair), Carl Thomas


Linda Cadaret, Fr. John Kurgan, Fr. Matthew Rawson


Beth Schafer

Opening Prayer 

The opening prayer was led by Brook Gleasman. 


Minutes of July 21, 2019 Meeting

Brook requested that the phrase “fundraising campaign” be changed to “increased offering campaign.” Lola Gualtieri moved, and Carl Thomas seconded the approval of the amended minutes.

Motion carried (8-0-0).


Faith in Action

Beth talked about the parish’s Faith in Action initiatives. She believes that social missions are the responsibility of the whole parish and that Holy Cross, as an affluent, educated community, has a lot to offer to the more impoverished areas in the city of Syracuse. Beth has been working with Faith Formation recently because many teachers wanted a service component added to the curriculum.

Brook asked the Council if any members had experience in any of Beth’s highlighted programs, which were Neighbors Helping Neighbors, Road to Emmaus Meals, Samaritan Center Teams, and the Refugee Assistance Committee. Brook encouraged Council members to use their connections to attract volunteers to these programs. Council members also recommended ways to increase awareness of these programs, such as more activity on social media, a slideshow to present to parishioners during Mass, and a summary for the weekly bulletin.


Committee Updates

The Communications Committee has worked on developing a regular rhythm to its operations. The School Relations Committee has focused on understanding the history of the school and its operations and has emphasized remaining connected with former alumni. The Parishioner Engagement Committee has not launched yet but intends to launch around the same time that the parish’s evangelization efforts pick up.


Trustee Updates

The budgets for the church and the school have been approved for the 2019-2020 school year. The trustees decided that an external increased offering campaign would likely be better for the parish’s finances overall and noted the success of the 2011 campaign.


Upcoming Meetings

Ryan Boyle is moving away and will not be attending future meetings. The Pastoral Council set its next meeting date to September 22, 2019, although the Council may need to change its plans for Sunday meetings because Fr. Kurgan and Fr. Matt are often busy on Sundays.


Closing Prayer 

The closing prayer was led by Brook Gleasman. 

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