Together We Grow


It’s been ten years since our new church building was dedicated at the Feast of the Holy Cross. We have so much to celebrate over these last ten years and so much to look forward to in the many more to come!


From our Pastor

It was September 14, 2006 that our new Holy Cross Church building was dedicated.  We have so much to be thankful for during these last ten years—especially enhanced ministries of service to all.

For together we grow…  Holy Cross continues to comfortably grow, welcoming new members to our Faith Community.  Our beautiful facility allows us to offer a variety of events, faith formation programs, spiritual and social events, bible studies, faith based and educational programs. Our ministries and staff have grown to better serve the needs of our community.  We are also pleased to provide space for new support groups to gather, delivering much needed resources to the greater community.

Let us rejoice and celebrate these last ten years as we look forward to continued growth and deepening the faith experiences of all those we serve.

Please join with us on Saturday, September 17th.   Our celebration will begin with 4 pm Mass, followed immediately with a fun-filled gathering outside behind the school.  Come enjoy delicious food, creative fun, along with new and renewed friendships! All are welcome!

God bless you,


Rev . Msgr. J. Robert Yeazel

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