10 Reasons to be at the Community Fair

Top 10 Reasons to attend the Community Fair

10. Free hot dogs, pizza and ice cream! (There’s nothing better than free ice cream.)

9. It’s a great opportunity to learn more about various ministries within the parish as well as ministries out in the larger community. Our faith grows in miraculous ways as we live it out by serving other people.

8. Fr. Ahern will be there, and he makes everything fun!

7. It’s a way to connect with folks you’ve seen at church and have always wanted to get to know better. Make sure to say hello to Matt Lyons, our new seminarian!

6. You can enter a number of raffles with fantastic prizes! Check out the Holy Cross Information Table for information on how to win prizes like $10 gift cards to Starbucks, Target, Wegmans, and a $100 gift card to the Dark Horse.

5. It’s a great way to welcome in the fall.

4. It’s an amazing opportunity to invite any friends, family or neighbors to church. This is an event they will be sure to enjoy. Take a chance and invite them to come and explore all of the opportunities at our church! And make sure to bring them to the Holy Cross Information table. You both will have the opportunity to be entered into a newcomers raffle for a $25 gift card to Home Depot (which will help fund all of you projects for this fall).

3. There will be a photo booth, which promises to be a hoot, as well as games and prizes for the kids.

2. You may get to see Fr. Yeazel eating a hot dog, which only happens once a year.

1. It’s a great way to get to know your parish family. We can't wait to see you there!

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