Parish Mission

Parish Mission: February 15 - 17th | 7 PM


Welcome back Fr. Richard Gielow, C.M.

On February 15th, we welcome Fr. Dick’s return to Holy Cross for our Parish Mission. We pray that all will participate in what is sure to be inspirational Parish Mission. Fr. Dick will also be sharing during our weekend Masses. He holds degrees in Philosophy, Theology from DeAndreis Institute of Theology, and Religious Education from Catholic University of America. He is director of the Vincentian Parish Mission Center. We hope you can join us on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday evenings at 7pm for the mission. Babysitting will be provided. If you are familiar with Fr. Dick, you will appreciate his recent reflection below. If you’ve not had the pleasure of experiencing Fr. Dick’s Parish Mission, we pray you enjoy this small sampling of his spiritual nature and insight.

Fr. Dick’s Spiritual Reflection: 12/21/2015

“It IS that time again. May the choicest of God’s blessings come to you and your family at this Christmas. So much to reflect upon and so much to be grateful for…A former head coach of the Chicago Bears used to tell Bob and me that there were three F’S in his life… FAITH, FAMILY AND FOOTBALL, in that order.

I was thinking about that for today. Faith, Family and Friends, (replacing football). That surely makes Christmas special. A priest friend of mine has been emailing me during this time with the same title to his emails….. SHARING. And you know that this brings us the greatest joy. My thanks to you for all the sharing you do. This past week I decided to visit another person in the nursing home. She is battling Dementia and cannot remember too much.

This is really tough on her daughter and her family. I enjoy visiting her and she tells everyone that I am her sweetheart. I decided to share some Christmas cookies with her that I received. She loves sweets. You would have thought I gave her a diamond necklace or bracelet. She was so thankful and so happy. She lit up the room with her smile. I tell you this because I know you do things like this all the time and probably don’t know how important that sharing is.

When we give to others as Jesus taught us, He fills us with a joy and happiness the world cannot give. And this is the real spirit of Christmas. It is a time of giving, a time of sharing, a time of Peace, Joy and Happiness, a time of faith and trust not fear. May all of these fill your heart and may you experience God’s kindness and generosity today and throughout the new year. My special greeting to you is in the words of Robert Schuller, ‘God loves you and so do I’.”

What is a Mission?

Are you so involved in scurrying around with business, children, family, social activities that you have little time for quiet contemplation with God? A mission is a time of special grace when God calls us into a deeper relationship with Him, a time for personal growth, a time to listen to God, a time of spiritual refreshment and invigoration.

Who is a Mission for?

The Mission is for all people, from inactive to very active. It is for all ages and for any stage in life - married, single, divorced, separated, or widowed. We particularly invite those who want to know more about he church today and how it can take an active role in the everyday experiences of work, leisure, family, and politics.

What form will this Mission take?

Each evening (Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday) at 7 PM there will be a special parish Mass and homily designated to increase our spirituality. A social will follow in Yeazel Hall to enhance our feeling of parish community. Fr. Dick will be available for informal chats and questions and answers.