Reflection from Rev. Msgr. J. Robert Yeazel

We all get mad at various times in our lives. Mad at a person or event, and often we hold onto the hurt they inflicted on us. This past weekend, Jesus gives us the solution - “Go to that person and talk to them.”

You might say - “What? They offended me! They started it!” Yes, and what did our parents or guardians say to us when we got into a fight with our sibling - “Stop it.” and we responded, “But he started it!” and our parent said “I don’t care who started it - you stop it.”

That is exactly what Jesus tells us in the Gospel - “If your brother sins against you, you go and talk with them.”

Why would Jesus tells us to do something that seems so unjust? Because He doesn’t want the offense to eat us up, disturb our lives, linger like an illness.

A professor at a major university recently gave this assignment to his adult class in human resources, “Go and tell someone you love, but are at odds, with that you love them.”

The next week the class reported back on how it went. One man said this, “I was mad to have such an assignment. I thought there is no one I have to do this with. Then my conscience took over, and I know I had to go to my father. We had been at odds for five years. The decision to go made me feel lighter. I went to the house and rang the bell. My Dad came to the door and I said, “Dad I won’t take a lot of your time but I came by to say I love you.”

With tears in his eye he said “And I love you too, but didn’t know how or when to say it.”

The man continued and said to the class, “But that’s not the end of the story. Two days later my father had a heart attack and died. What if I hadn’t gone? My message to you all is to not wait to do what will free you until it is too late. Do it now. Do it now."

Is there someone that we should go to? Do it now and be free.

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