What's In A Name

What is “Faith in Action” at Holy Cross?

Faith in Action is a new title for an old concept, but the changed name indicates a new approach. “Human Development” is the traditional moniker: simply put, it means serving the poor. The old title implied that the emphasis was on the receiver of a service - perhaps food or money to make it through the week. Faith in Action, the name and the ministry goal, puts the emphasis on the server rather than the served. In our Catholic understanding of what it means to be a Christian, we are called to help others; to give love and support unconditionally, just as God unconditionally loves us.

the Kingdom

Loving actions bring our world closer to becoming the kingdom of God. As Jesus remarked: “The kingdom of God is already among you” (Luke17:21)! Do you dare to see the world through God’s eyes? Can you picture how your loving presence can be a gift to others? One small loving act creates ripples of goodness, just as one violent and hateful act creates repercussions of pain and suffering. Do you feel that you don’t have the time to investigate ways in which to make a difference?

Parish Day of Service

Holy Cross provides a Parish Day of Service which highlights a different community outreach ministry every month. At the Parish Day of Service, you can learn more about a particular community outreach ministry and you will get a chance to try it out. If you like it, you now who to call and what type of work you will be doing. If you want to continue, set up your own schedule to return - and keep me informed of the ministry’s future needs so the parish can continue to be involved. You might even team up with others who have a similar interest in returning to that outreach ministry! Do you get discouraged and feel that your effort is like a drop in the bucket compared to the need?

A Collective Effort

Just as one good person acting with love can be a gift to others, a collective effort of love and support on the part of a parish community will magnify the effort. As a parish, Holy Cross can be a force for good in the local community and the more people who participate, the more effective we can be. What if you don’t know many people at Holy Cross, or you are new to the parish?

Get Involved!

Working side by side is the easiest way to strike up a conversation and make a new friend. Next Sunday you might find a familiar face in the pew next to you!

Are you interested in joining a Faith in Action event? Check the Faith In Action calendar, weekly parish bulletin, or contact Beth Schafer


Join our regular monthly activities:

  • First Tuesday Sandwiches (8:30 am) for Catholic Charities Men’s Shelter (Yeazel Hall)
  • Serve a one-dish hot Meal at Dorothy Day Women’s Shelter on the third Saturday
  • Mentor or Tutor kids (9 to 16 year old) at the Butternut Community Center.
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