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A look back

The fall has kicked off to a great start for Young Adult Ministry, and we are so excited to be meeting some new faces. Before we start looking too far forward though, let’s take a look back over the summer. We had twenty-five people join us when we went to the Chief’s game against Louisville. We won, which was a great bonus, and there were fireworks to top it all off.

Young Adult Ministry Night Out at the Syracuse Chiefs GameYoung Adult Ministry Night Out at the Syracuse Chiefs Game

In August, we had an end of summer BBQ and had about thirty people join us there, counting the plentitude of kids who thoroughly enjoyed the games and pool. Our hope in having these events, is that those involved, new and veterans alike, will be able to meet new people and that our community at Holy Cross will continue to grow. As our community becomes more familiar, we will be able to engage on a deeper, more personal level and what once was a community will become a family that we trust and depend on.

Check out our Bible Study

Currently, we are in the midst of a four week Bible Study touching on different passages from scripture. Using the Catholicism series as a great resource we watch 10 minute clips, along with reading a particular passage, and then are able to engage in a discussion about different components of the Catholic faith. Last week we reflected on the Beatitudes from Matthew 5, and one of the more beautiful parts was realizing that God is calling us to actively transform our lives to those ideas, rather than feeling like we are just settled and stagnant.

Opportunity for Community & Service

This weekend we will be joining Faith in Action at Matthew25 Farm to do some fall harvesting for the food bank. More information here. As we move toward the holiday season, it’s a great way to remember the needs of others, and our ability to do something about it. If you are interested in joining us, please email Danielle. This is a great way to grow our community, while reflecting on the necessities of our lives. We will continue to meet and reflect at different events throughout the fall and winter so please keep checking the calendar for upcoming events.

Stay Connected

If you are not on our email list for Young Adult Ministry and would like to be, email Danielle and she will add you.

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