A Grateful Heart is a Joyful Heart

“People who do volunteer work take a step toward holiness every time they demonstrate God's love for and closeness to someone who is suffering...When the Lord invites us to be holy, he is not calling us to something heavy or sad, but the complete opposite: It's an invitation to live and share his joy in every moment of our lives."

Pope Francis, November 2014

Parish Day of Service at the Jamesville Food Pantry

On Saturday, November 15th, Holy Cross individuals and families worked to share God’s love with our neighbors by joining volunteers from other Jamesville-DeWitt area churches. Jamesville Boy Scout troops collected boxes and cans of food from the doorsteps of homes in the southern area of DeWitt. The pantry was filled with friendly conversations while over 30 volunteers waited for the Scouts and their carloads of food. Kelly Smith, the Pantry Coordinator, spoke to the group about the importance of supporting our fellow community members when they need it most. Donations poured in, and each person was fully engaged in sorting and stacking cans, boxes and bags. As the food piled higher and higher, it became a visible witness the generosity of the community. Joy was truly present in the cheerful energy of the boy scouts, the friendly faces of the people sorting, and in the goodness of our friends and neighbors.

Thanksgiving Baskets for Mothers Against Gun Violence

Our friends and neighbors are not only in Jamesville and DeWitt, but also in the surrounding area. Faith Formation students expressed their love and solidarity with families on the south side of Syracuse by bringing in food for Thanksgiving baskets, and the parish offered support as well. Donations by the Faith Formation students were collected for Mothers Against Gun Violence. Holy Cross parish wishes to express their condolences and support for families who are suffering the loss of a loved one due to gun violence.

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