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At Holy Cross, we desire to provide a welcoming, nurturing, and safe environment for our youth and their families. Through programs, events, and activities our hope is to foster fellowship, cultivate camaraderie, and help you and your family grow in your faith. Some of those programs include Faith Formation, Youth Ministry, and Safe Environment training. Events throughout the year include festivities like our Fall Festival, Breakfast with Santa, and Parish Picnic. We are also committed to preparing our young people for the Sacraments, so that they may fully appreciate and participate in the tangible signs of God’s grace instituted by Jesus. Subscribe to our weekly Youth & Families Newsletter to get all of the freshest content right in your inbox.



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Faith Formation

Holy Cross offers a Faith Formation program for youth from first to twelfth grade. We strive to provide a program that is both fun and interactive for our students. Classroom style activities help form the intellect of our young people. (St. Augustine said, “You cannot love what you do not know.”) We also keep it fun and engaging by introducing exciting games, amazing entertainment, and positive relationships to help move our young people to a personal encounter with God. Notice there are new times and options this year for our faith formation program. Our morning, before school options include busing to schools in the JD district.


Curriculum & Resources

We are currently on a three year rotation of material covering the Bible, Sacraments & Christian Morality, and Prayer. This coming year’s curriculum will cover Sacraments & Christian Morality. In developing our curriculum materials, we produce high impact video lessons for our Faith Formation teachers to edify their understanding of the faith and commission them to tailor conversations and activities to the students’ age and level. We love offering this resource to our parents too. It helps them grow in their own understanding and reinforce what their students are learning. We continuously evaluate our program and explore ways that we can better nourish and serve the needs of our students and families. Please know that your input is always appreciated and welcomed.



Faith Formation registration is still available for the 2019-2020 school year. Registration cost is $35 per child. If you need financial assistance, please communicate with our office and we will be happy to assist you. Deadline for early registration is August 26th. Youth registered before August 26th will receive a free Houses of Holy Cross t-shirt. If you are a new family, please register here.



Family Fun

Houses of Holy Cross

One way we’ve infused camaraderie and excitement into our program is by developing a house system. To build unity across all of our many programs and ministries, every student is placed in one of the four Houses of Holy Cross. Each house is based on one of the four traditional images of the Gospels: angel, lion, ox, and eagle. These images first find their expression in the Old Testament prophecies of Ezekiel and again later in the New Testament book of Revelation. They are described as the same four living creatures surrounding the Throne of God. It was the Early Church Fathers who recognized and first attributed these living creatures to the Gospel writers – Matthew (angel), Mark (lion), Luke (ox) & John (eagle). At the beginning of the year, students are placed in one of these houses and receive a t-shirt. Throughout the year, house competitions (Olympics) are held and house points are awarded. Points are also awarded for acts of service and special achievements. At the end of the year house points are tallied and our House Cup winner is announced. Our hope is that no matter what program or activities your student is involved in at Holy Cross whether faith formation, sacramental prep, youth ministry, or Holy Cross School, he or she has a place to belong and have fun. If you would like more information or to get your child connected, please don’t hesitate to reach out.


Youth Ministry

Whereas Faith Formation forms the intellect (“You cannot love what you do not know.”), Youth Ministry is ordered toward moving the heart. Using events that are relaxed and welcoming (including games, skits, talks, and small groups), Youth Ministry builds on the intellectual foundation received in Faith Formation to bring them to a personal encounter with the God who loves them profoundly. Youth Ministry events, meetings, and activities are held routinely throughout the year. Get in touch with Steve to learn more.

Upcoming Events


Events and special activities throughout the year help connect our families and build community with one another. These events are always open to all, and we invite you to use them as an opportunity to deepen your friendships, meet new people, and invite others into our community. We also provide unique experiences for our youth like weekend retreats, pilgrimages, vacation bible schools, and youth conferences. These experiences help our youth go deeper with their faith, learn more about themselves, and find transformation in God’s grace.

Sacramental Prep


First Penance & First Eucharist

Preparation for First Penance and First Eucharist is a complementary process usually during a child’s second grade year. Learn more here.



Preparation for the Sacrament of Confirmation takes place over the course of sophomore year of high school. Learn more about the process here.




Julie Sheridan

Julie is our Director of Faith Formation (Grades 1-6), Coordinator of Sacramental Prep for First Penance and First Eucharist, and Safe Environment Coordinator.


Steve Nepil

Steve is Director of Faith Formation (Grades 7-12), Youth Minister, and coordinator of Sacramental Prep for Confirmation.