Pastoral Council

The Holy Cross Pastoral Council (HCPC) exists to assist the pastor of Holy Cross in executing on the needs and developing direction and goals of the parish. They also serve as a communication conduit for the parish community to represent your voice. HCPC meetings are open to the public, and meeting minutes are available on our website. Below you will find a calendar of upcoming meetings and minutes from past meetings. You will also find a form for submitting communications to the council. Our vision is that Holy Cross is a welcoming, inviting, vibrant parish that honors God by demonstrating our faith to our community.

Communication Form

Please use this form to share communications with the Pastoral Council. All communication submissions will be reviewed and addressed by the HCPC.


Meeting Minutes

From left to right: Karen Markoff, Mark Bentz, Brook Gleasman, Tom Griffith, Fr. John Kurgan, Lola Gualtieri, Kenneth Kirkman, Helen Dunham, William Leiker, Kira Reed. Not pictured: Claude Pilon, Ryan Boyle, and Carl Thomas

Council Members

  • Brook Gleasman, Chair

  • Kira Reed, Vice Chair

  • William Leiker, Secretary

  • Helen Dunham, Trustee

  • Tom Griffith, Trustee

  • Claude Pilon, Trustee

  • Mark Bentz

  • Karen Markoff

  • Lola Gualtieri

  • Kenneth Kirkman

  • Carl Thomas