All Saints - All Souls

November is for All Souls

Who is your model? What Saint are you like? November 1st is the feast of All Saints and November 2nd is All Souls. These two feasts are essential to present heroes and heroines to our children. If we do not do this then the media will.

Remembering our Heroes

Take a picture of a grandparent, uncle, aunt, or neighbor and place it on a table with a flower. Tell stories about them. Recall happy moments or special events. Have a special celebration of our heroes at home or out. It is important to tell their stories We resurrect them from our hearts.

old soldier

This is not just for children. During November, which is dedicated to All Souls, we can take a journey in our past, visit schools, events, stop and see faces now in Heaven. We reconnect with the past. We are all walking with each other home and we wave to them on their special day.

Rev. Karl Rahner, SJ said:

"Be still O heart and let all whom you have loved rise from the grave of your heart. Is there no one among all souls and all saints for you to celebrate?"

On this feast, bad news of daily life, gives way to the celebration of people who lived the Good News!

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