Community Fair 2015

Thank you

We are very grateful to the Community Fair Planning Committee—Beth Schafer, Mary Beth Smith, Regina Harty & Kira Reed—who worked for months, shopped for weeks, and set up & cleaned up for the Community Fair.

Kudos to Beth Schafer, her attention to every detail creating a fun, welcoming atmosphere was exceptional!

A special thank you to Dan Littlepage for devoting extra time, patience and imagination to planning and publicizing of this year’s fair. Also, thank you to…Deacon Dare, Claude Pilon, Charlie Craig and his crew for “firing up the grill” on Sunday, ...Kathy Fitzgibbons for sharing her resources, attending planning meetings, and offering support, …Kira Reed, for orchestrating the flow of delicious food and drink with the help of the dedicated Funeral Luncheon Committee and the enthusiastic teens, …Stephanie Rhodes Juliano for coordinating and supervising the games with the assistance of our energetic teens, …Sara Gaines and John Fix for their “speedy delivery” of fresh, hot donuts and hot dogs.

And, to all the ministries for being present at the fair, allowing others to inquire and discover how they too may be of service, pondering, “What can I do?” The magnificent works of each ministry were so beautifully represented. The dedication and devotion to our parish community and ministries is a blessing and may each ministry be blessed in return with new life, and an increase in volunteers. The Commitment to Community Fair is a testament to our vibrant, caring faith community. It was clearly evident the fair was enjoyed by every person who attended!

Drumroll please...

Congratulations to the Scavenger Hunt Raffle winners:

  • Amazon Fire Tablet-The Begnoche Family
  • Dinner at Dark Horse-James & Mary Kay Moore
  • Family Game Night-Katherine Alfaro-Rooney


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