First Eucharist Photos


Thank you to all who assisted with the preparations & the celebration of First Holy Eucharist making it very special & memorable… Parents & guardians, Kathy Fitzgibbons-DDF, Sacramental Catechists, 2nd Grade FF Catechists, volunteers, Rita White, Ernest Camerota-Director of Music, Dc. Dutter, Patty Kirwan, Dan Littlepage, Peg Olson, Carla Semmel, Joe Smith, With special thanks to Katie Deehan—not just a Sacramental Catechist, a 3rd & 6th grade FF Catechist, & volunteer, but also our Sacramental Coordinator this year, gaining insight & vision for celebrating & honoring our Catholic traditions through the Sacraments, always smiling, tending to the tiny details, making things warm, welcoming, & special allowing us to enter more fully into our celebration. And to Msgr. J Robert Yeazel, thank you for your priestly presence—a blessing to Holy Cross. We treasure the gift that you have been and will always be to our family of faith. You continue to touch the hearts of many with your words of wisdom and wit! May God’s abundant blessings fall upon you and yours, today and always.

Julie Sheridan

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