Serve with us at Brady Farm



Due to weather concerns, we are canceling our trip the Brady Urban Farm on Friday, June 1st. We are encouraging everyone to learn about Brady Urban Farm's CSA options and support this treasure in our local community. To learn more about Brady Urban Farm CSA options, click here.

Are you interested in learning more about buying a CSA? Do you want to learn about the organic practices being used at a local urban farm? Families & friends are invited to help with planting & farm chores at Brady Urban Farm. A picnic meal at the farm is included! Contact Beth Schafer at to sign up!

About Brady Urban Farm

The Brady Faith Center Urban Farm project is 5.8 acres located on the 2000 block of Onondaga Creek Blvd. It has transformed a vacant property into a vibrant and giving space for the community. We envision an urban farm woven into the fabric of the community that provides sustained nutritious foods, employment, and education that nourishes the body, mind and spirit of our neighbors.

Farm work got on its way in spring 2016 and produce is being made available through market sales, and farm shares. The mission of the farm is to create an economically sustainable and resilient source of affordable, locally grown food for the community, skilled and employable youth and adults, hands-on community education, and a respite for the community.