First Communion Photos - 10am


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First Communion Thank You

So many people helped to make this year’s First Eucharist preparation and liturgy a very special memory for our 67 Holy Cross children and families.

Thank you to Missy Vavonese, our First Communion Coordinator. Thank you to parents and catechists: David Appel, Emily Behan, Katie Deehan, Carla DiBiase, Susan and David Hines, Rene and Sophia Settineri and Nancy Tourville. Thanks to Ann Wright for calligraphy and Mary Alice Pole, Maria Prattico, Kelly Wichmann, Margaret Freeman and Tracey Damon for banners. Thank you Dawn Mills and Kelly Green for our posters. We thank Rita White for our priest’s vestments. We are grateful to Nancy Tourville, Joanne Rothman and Amy King for our “prayer partners”. Dan Littlepage, you are awesome with your technology creativity! Thanks to Carla Semmel for the Window Case in our Gathering Area. Our Mass Booklet and certificates would never have happened without the professional skill and patience of Peg Olson. Thanks to Ernie and the Lite Choir for your beautiful music and a special thank you to Sr. Rose and Joe Smith for your amazing pictures. We are so grateful for our Teen Helpers, Reception Volunteers and all others who helped to make our 1st Eucharist so special. This parish is blessed to have a family of such wonderful people and Msgr.Yeazel for our pastor.

Kathy Fitzgibbons

First Communion Photos 2016 - 10am

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