Tiny Homes for Good

Affordable housing is difficult for individuals facing homelessness. Affordable and safe is quite a stretch. But affordable, safe, and dignified housing for an individual facing homelessness is practically nonexistent. Seedy apartment complexes, condemned boarding houses, and lumpy couches make up the majority of housing options for an individual coming from the shelter or the streets. None of which provide the environment necessary for long-term stability or support the sobriety of potential residents.

Barry has been in and out of the shelter system battling alcoholism and mental illness for the last three decades. After a particularly long stint in the shelter, he and his case manager found an apartment that happened to be within his price range. In an eight by eight room located above a bar in downtown Syracuse, Barry did his best to avoid the dozens of distractions, focus on the plan he and his case manager put together, and find some sense of permanence. Unfortunately, in a matter of weeks, Barry could no longer take it. Whether it was the bed bugs, the broken plumbing, the readily available distractions, or a combination of all three, Barry took his few belongings and moved back the shelter, further demoralized and further from the goal of self- resilience.

A Tiny Home for Good exists to provide an environment where Barry and the hundreds of other individuals facing homelessness will find the support and permanence necessary for long-term growth. Utilizing vacant property close to the services in the city, THG will build and manage affordable, safe, and dignified homes. They will be rented to individuals facing homelessness at a price appropriate to their income. Partnering with case management organizations, THG will provide an environment where residents and their case managers can best carry out their prescribed plans.

Ultimately, A Tiny Home for Good exists to provide a permanent and safe home, a fundamental necessity for every person. Learn more about A Tiny Home for Good at www.atinyhomeforgood.org or get in touch with Director Andrew Lunetta at alunetta@atinyhomeforgood.org. Thank you!

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