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Body of Christ

In St. Paul’s first letter to the Corinthians, he talks about how we are all part of the body of Christ. It is my contention that the most important part of the body of Christ is His heart. His heart was what caused Him to join us on earth as our brother and Messiah. His heart was what was moved by the suffering He saw in the world. Time after time, Jesus saw the hungry, the blind and those who suffered and chose to cure their ills. He did it through powerful miracles and signs that He was God made man. As members of His body, our task is to be moved by the suffering we see around our world and to do what we can to ease it.

Forgiveness & Mercy

Pope Francis recently married twenty couples at the Vatican. Some of these couples had been living together in sin, and one couple had had a child out of wedlock. The Pope’s message to them and to us is that we cannot get so wrapped up in the sins people commit that we do not forgive. Sometimes, we tend to focus on one or two aspects of our faith’s teaching to the exclusion of some others. When we look at issues like immigration and same sex marriage as the only important decisions that have to be made, then we lose our sense that we are all part of the same body; we have much to learn about forgiveness and mercy- two qualities that Jesus embraced wholeheartedly.

Let us all look for ways to find forgiveness in our hearts for those who may have lost their way. After all, we are members of the same body, and, as Paul tells us, we were all given to drink of the one Spirit.

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